Episode 26

How to Make Progress When You're Not Feeling Well

Published on: 7th June, 2024

When you’re sick, using your voice can be painful, and even dangerous. I want you to know that it's okay to be sick, to put your feet up, to watch trashy TV, to not think about your voice beyond resting it. But if you are sick, and you're scared that you're losing time, that you're falling behind, that your performance is coming up and you're just going to faceplant because you're not prepared, there is always something you can do. I’ve developed some practices that will help you engage with the material you’re trying to learn in a meaningful way, even when your vocal instrument is sidelined by illness.

Michèle Voillequé is a singer and a voice teacher living in Berkeley, California. 

Yes, you can sound better! Opt-in for a free video training on my website: https://mvmusik.com

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Our music is thanks to Katya and Ada.

The show is edited by K.O. Myers at Particulate Media.


A transcript of this episode is available at https://mvmusik.com/blog/cant-wait-to-hear-you-episode-26.

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