Episode 20

Should I Copy Someone Else’s Voice?

Published on: 1st March, 2024

Learning to speak as an infant is an instinctive process of mimicking the sounds and voices around us. It only makes sense that the intentional practice of honing your voice might involve trying to imitate someone whose voice you like.

Your own voice is uniquely shaped by your body, your heart, and your mind, so in the end you’ll always only sound like you. But studying other voices can help you understand what moves you, and what sort of effect you want your voice to have in the world. This time I’m sharing my approach to listening to voices we admire, getting to what’s appealing about them, and applying that insight to our own vocal practice.

Michèle Voillequé is a singer and a voice teacher living in Berkeley, California. 

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Our music is thanks to Katya and Ada.

The show is edited by K.O. Myers at Particulate Media.


A transcript of this episode is available at https://mvmusik.com/blog/cant-wait-to-hear-you-episode-20.

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